British sailing ship Saioto departed Yokohama Bay for Hawaii in 1868. On board were the first group of immigrants to Hawaii who were known as Issei. Once at the plantations, they were allocated numbers, "bango," as their Japanese names were hard to pronounce and their respective numbers were used to manage everything, including their salaries.

 In the summer of 2017, Dennis Kaneko moved to Hawaii with his family as an Issei on Delta Flight 180. After a year, Dennis revived a sewing factory working his fingers to the bone and announced brand banGo in Japan during the last year of the Heisei era or the summer of 2018. banGo is a brother - sister duo brand between Dennis who moved from Japan to Hawaii as Sindy Kaneko returned to Japan from New York. The collection consist of a concentration of Issei identity, neither Japanese nor American, created by Sindy who trained in the Garment District in New York and Dennis who is an Issei in Hawaii.