Aloha Kakou!

I would be introducing some stories regarding Hawaii every time.

The theme for this time is the word aloha which everyone is familiar with.

Many Hawaiian songs use aloha, and it is one of the most used words in daily Hawaiian life.

Aloha is mainly used as love such as loved ones, things and places. It is also used as a greeting word such as hello, I love you, take care, and loved ones/things and could have many other meanings, including affection and consideration, depending on how the word is used.

Oli (chants) that was passed down from the ancient times also include meanings of aloha. It is said that aloha is an acronym of the following five words:

A: 'Akahai - consideration, kindness
L: Lokahi - harmony, cooperation
O: 'Olu'olu - happiness
H: Ha'aha'a - modest, honest
A: Ahonui - patience

Important meanings are expressed in the word aloha.

Another thing to note is that the Hawaiian word kaona means a hidden meaning of a word or phrase. If you separate aloha into ALO and HA, then you would find the answer. ALO means in front of and HA means breath (spirit).

A Hawaiian greeting that still continues now from ancient times is when two people greet each other by pressing noses and inhale at the same time so that each other's breaths (spirits) are exchanged. When the breaths are exchanged, it is said that love is born.

You are able to understand how Hawaii is an island full of the Aloha Spirit.

There are many meanings of aloha. Hopefully the world would be full of aloha one of these days.